Dear Facilitator,  

I would like to invite you to hold your next retreat or workshop at Maven Hill. I have dedicated this space to the support of leaders like you, and your communities. People who are committed to personal growth and spiritual evolution. 

Tired of getting the run-around from hotels and conference centres that see your group as small potatoes? We specialize in small private groups. The Maven Hill retreat program is designed to support you by eliminating stress and complication so that you can focus on your strengths: education and inspiration. We take care of everything else, so that you can shine.   

On behalf of the family, friends, chefs, and animals that make this place special, I thank you in advance for the chance to help you make your next project a success. 



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Sample of MAven Hill Activities 

  • Gather eggs from the hens

  • Mediate with the llamas and lambs

  • Brush the horses

  • Help harvest veggies for the day’s meals

  • Take a walk in the woods

  • Yoga inside, on the lawn, or deck 

  • Conversations around a bonfire

  • Star gazing on a grassy knoll

  • Late night cocoa and marshmallows

  • Meditation in the barn

  • Night walk by the water

  • Cooking classes