I’m Margot Gaudet, and I’m the Maven behind this grand vision.

I have created a space infused with intention and love where people can connect and grow. Every part of the centre is dedicated to healing, transformation, and personal evolution.  

My healing journey started with a series of diagnosis that shook me to my core. Within two years I was diagnosed with Addison’s disease, M.S., Lyme disease, and Thyroid Cancer.

That experience inspired me to follow my dream of growing high-frequency food and raising healthy animals. I’ve made Mother Nature the star of my property, and embraced permaculture and biodynamic principals. 

Having created an intimate venue, based on this vision, means I can give you and your event the attention you deserve. 

If you are a facilitator, with a gift to share with the world, let me take care of all the planning, so you just have to show up and focus on doing what you love.

If you are seeking healing and growth in your life, I encourage you to connect with me on facebook, join my newsletter, and attend a program.

I’ll see you at Maven Hill!